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Why Choose to Buy Merino Wool Underwear When You Need Thermals in Australia?

For those who work in professions that involve being outside for much of the year, there's no bigger daily challenge than contending with the weather. Be it the struggle to stay hydrated in the heat or dry in the rain, the conditions outside can have a big impact on your comfort level as you work. That's especially true when the mercury dips as the summertime heat gives way to the cooler temperatures of autumn and winter.

When it's chilly outside, it's important to know how to use layers when dressing for warmth. How you choose to begin will ultimately affect your overall comfort level. That's why your first layer should be something that not only traps heat but feels good against your skin, too. Merino wool underwear by Baselayers is the perfect solution.

The entire Baselayers range of Merino thermals is ideal for individuals looking for warmth and comfort while working out in the cold. From sourcing the Merino wool for our underwear from Australia to our stylish and close-fitting designs, there's plenty to love. Consider just what makes these clothing items so effective at keeping the cold out without leaving you scratching all day long. It all begins with the material.

The major benefits of Merino wool underwear

When many people think of wearing wool, "itchiness" is perhaps the first thing to come to mind. However, the Merino wool thermals we offer to Australia are different. How? The wool fibres we select are "superfine" grade, measuring just 18.5 microns across. In other words, the fibres are so tiny and tightly interlocked they create a smooth, soft, and silky surface your skin will love.

Then comes its insulating properties. When you buy Merino wool thermals to stay warm on the job, we're certain they'll leave you feeling fully satisfied. Each garment traps air warmed by your body and keeps it close. It also wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you from feeling damp. Merino wool can soak up nearly 30% of its weight in moisture before it becomes noticeably moist; combining it with a cotton layer can help to continue the wicking action. This set of features in combination is what makes the collection so appealing.

Shop today for your perfect fit in the Baselayers collection

Once you buy Merino wool underwear and try it on, you won't want to switch back to synthetics! The luxurious softness of the material coupled with its incredible ability to continue warming you even when damp is what makes Baselayers clothing so versatile. Whether you're working in agriculture or in another outdoor occupation, we provide an excellent source for Merino thermals in Australia. We hope you will take a look through our collection while enjoying our fashionable designs. Once you see what you want, it's quick and easy to buy your Merino thermals right here on our site. Have questions about the material or its properties? Don't hesitate to reach out — click to our contact page for further information.

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