Avoid Synthetics and Buy Thermal Leggings Online for use in Australia

Technology is wonderful, but only when it’s effective. Sometimes we assume that newer ways of doing things are necessarily better ways, when in truth that isn’t always the case. So it is with thermal underwear. Believe it or not, cold weather clothing more.

Keep Warm All Year Round with Quality, Breathable Long Johns

It’s important to keep at a comfortable temperature all year round, especially in autumn and winter and that means layering. Baselayers has a variety of long johns that are perfect for layering when you need to keep warm. All of our long johns ... read more.

Stay Warm and Stylish with Merino Wool Vests

Trying to balance your appearance and your comfort is not always easy but it is when you choose Baselayers merino wool vests. Their construction is specifically designed, in several ways, to give you maximum warmth and comfort whilst not being ... read more.

Make Comfort and Fashion Work Together with Baselayers Thermal Vests

Baselayers thermal vests are more than just underwear to keep you warm. They are made with a lot of care and attention to keep you comfortable and stylishly. They exhibit the perfect blend of style and substance by using high quality fibres that ... read more.

The Baselayers range consists of thermal underwear, briefs, knitted boxers, slips, camisoles, sleepwear and bodywear manufactured by Brandella Pty Ltd.Click here to read more about us.....


Re-Energisers Specially formulated Re-energisers with Celliant fibres absorb energy emitted by the body and recycles it back through the skin which improves circulation and increases tissue oxygen levels. Click here to read more about Re-energisers.....