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Avoid Synthetics And Buy Thermal Leggings Online For Use In Australia

Technology is wonderful, but only when it’s effective. Sometimes we assume that newer ways of doing things are necessarily better ways, when in truth that isn’t always the case. So it is with thermal underwear. Believe it or not, cold weather clothing is actually one area where technology hasn’t done much to improve on time-tested strategies.

Synthetic fabrics have become popular lately as a potential replacement for wool and other natural products. While it’s understandable for people to get excited about a synthetic fabric that claims to be just as effective at helping your body retain heat, you might want to stop and investigate those claims a little bit before you accept them as fact. Synthetic fabrics do have their uses, but there’s overwhelming evidence to suggest that good quality wool is actually more effective at helping you stay warm in cold weather. When it comes down to it, a good pair of woollen thermal leggings still can’t be beaten.

Brands like Baselayers have a 60-year reputation for producing high-quality thermal leggings in Australia, and tend to eschew synthetics for fine Australian merino wool. Still weighing the pros and cons of these fabrics back and forth? That’s okay. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the advantages of going with wool when you want to buy thermal leggings:

Cleaner, Softer and More Breathable

Some synthetic thermals claim to be more effective at retaining heat than woollen thermals, but this is only because their garments are not breathable. In actual fact, these garments often lock heat between your body and the fabric, the same way that a plastic garbage bag would if you wore it. Ever wanted to walk around wearing a glorified plastic garbage bag? Yeah, neither have we. That’s why we put our faith in the merino wool used by companies like Baselayers. Merino wool has a crimp in the fibre that allows pockets of air to form within the fabric. These pockets are then warmed by the body, providing effective protection from the elements while still allowing the material to breathe. As a result, merino wool products are naturally antibacterial, renewable and temperature regulating—which means that you can worry less about sweating or stinking in your thermal leggings.

Purchase Your Next Thermal Leggings Online

When you want to buy well made thermal leggings that help you stay fresh and clean, the best way to do it is to buy online. Ignore the mall shelves laden with inferior synthetic products and go right for what you want. By shopping online at the Baselayers website, it’s a snap to get merino wool thermal leggings from anywhere in Australia. With easy payment options and 10% off of first orders for new customers, you’ve got every reason in the world to buy your next pair of leggings this way. In addition to thermals, Baselayers also offers a whole range of premium products including briefs, slips and sleepwear for those cold nights in Australia.

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