BundleBuy Men’s Pure Merino Wool POLO Short Sleeve + Pure Merino Crew Neck


Style No: BP1006 BP1004

Golf, Work, Adventure or Play in our all NEW Polo Everyday Thermal + Short Sleeve Crew Neck Special BundleBuy

Thermal Polo’s are new to the Australian market. It is Baselayers response to the need to stay warm while minimizing the number of layers worn.

The super soft Australian Merino Wool is designed to be worn next to the skin trapping body heat for that cosy warm feeling.

It can be worn straight under a jacket or under a jumper or both. The collared finish sets it apart from all other thermals. The knit construction is a 1x1 rib which provides plenty of stretch, allowing for maximum mobility. It is ideal for golf or any activity requiring unrestricted movement.

Wool has some brilliant natural properties. It is very absorbent and able to hold up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before being noticeable to the wearer. It releases moisture to the outside providing a strong wicking action. It is also naturally anti-bacterial so not likely to smell in sweaty conditions.

Perfect for any outdoor activity.

Product Description

1 x Black Short sleeve POLO neck. 1x1 rib pure Australian Merino wool. Fabric weight is 200 GSM. 

1 x Ivory Short Sleeve Crew Neck 1x1 rib pure Australian Merino wool. Fabric weight is 200

Product Details

Side seam free. Flat 2 needle hem


Body: 100% Pure Australian Merino Wool

Collar: Cotton Elastane

Care Instructions

Wool wash

Country of Origin

Made in China from Pure Traceable Australian Merino wool fibre